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Machining Service for Mass-Production Parts 


One of our expertise is we offer you cost-effective CNC machining service to produce machined parts manufactured from medium to high quantity parts. Supported by our technology such as CNC Milling 5-axis & 3-axis, 12 units of CNC Turning machines, Manual Turning for large & long parts and our CMM to check the dimensions of your parts are precise and accurate. With the help of our experienced planner PPIC and production manager are trained to achieve “Just on Time Delivery” or ready stock “Kanban” systems. In addition, our engineers will help you to design or to reverse engineer your parts the way you want it and to meet your expectations. Examples of our mass production parts are Drum Brakes for motorbikes or Operating Lever and Busbar for electrical panel parts or CNC machining Hub for large trucks or Hinges for safety cabinets.                   

Machining Service for Low-Quantity Custom Made Parts

We also offer CNC Machining service for low-quantity custom made parts. We are able to produce custom parts from general tolerance of 1.0mm to high precision of 0.01mm tolerance. From the start of the project, you will be supported by our senior engineer with 10 years of experience in CAD/CAM design drawing, programming and reverse engineering to make sure the quality of your custom parts that you want are achieved . In addition, we are experienced in making Jig and Fixtures for automotive companies and making mold for Food Manufacture. Precision is KING.

Surface Grinding Specilized

Process by one of our most senior operator with 15 years of experienced in Surface Grinding . Quality is King


With our experience welder, shearing and bending Machine, we are confident in our Fabrication Skill.


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PT Presisi Widya

Welcome to PT. Presisi Widya, we are located in Bekasi, Indonesia. We primarily offer machining service to produce machined parts from low to high quantity parts and high precision custom made parts using our CNC Milling 5 & 3 Axis, CNC Turning, Surface Grinding, Fabrication and Stamping(secondary) processes. We are a team of highly motivated individuals and committed to provide the best work for you as our customer. Our business core focuses on what is best for our customers, which consists of producing high quality parts to your expectation, delivery on time, competitive pricing, fast communications customer service and help problem-solving. In addition, we follow the ISO 9001:2015 system that earned us the certification for Quality Management, to help us run our company more smoothly in order to satisfy you as our customer, your satisfaction is our priority. We are ready for your RFQ Quote and very excited to work with you!

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