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Our newest CNC 5- Axis Milling Machine
Maximum Capicitas Production of Product : 390 Diameter.
Types of material we can use to produce parts : Mild Steel, CuZn, Copper , Alluminum .

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With our different sizes of CNC 3-Axis Milling we can produce items from small to large size .
We can custom made parts for Job Order Project or constatly produce parts for mass production project.Maxium Capicitas Production for Product : 600mm Width x 1200mm Length

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CNC Turning

With our senior CNC Turning Programmer and prevantive maintainace to keep the machines in good hands and stable accuracy,
we are confident to take on Mass Productions order and Job Order .
Maxium Capacitacity Production for Product : 10inch

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Manual Turning

With our senior operator ,our Manual Turning specialised in big diamater and long products .
Maximum Capacity : 500mm Diameter x 3000mm Length

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Surface Grinding

With our senior surface grinding operator with 20 years of experienced, we could say he is one of the best in the city.
Capacity : 800mm Width x 1600mm Length

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With our Shearing Machine, Bending Machine and our trust worthy senior Welder we are confident in taking Fabrication Projects.

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